What is Minecraft:

Had enough of playing the same old arcade / strategy / roleplaying games over and over again? Are you looking to experience something exciting and new? An experience that you will not get enough of? Then Minecraft is definitely the way to go for you! Awarded the prestigious title of “Most sold game of all time”, Minecraft has most certainly taken the world by storm. Released in 2009, this open world game has built a solid, and ever-growing fan base due to the countless opportunities it provides the player. In the 3D blocked shaped realm of Minecraft, you are free to mine for resources, build better tools and use your resources to build your own world! You can express your creativity by building your own mansions and shaping the world around you.

That is not all! You can go on adventures with your friends, hunt for food, explore various landscapes and do much more! Ready to experience true unrestricted and unparalleled fun? Download Minecraft now on your computer / smartphone / tablet / Pi / Xbox / Nintendo / Wii / PlayStation.


More than one Gaming mode:

In Minecraft, there is a gaming mode for everyone! So, you do not need to worry. Following are the five main gaming modes introduced in Minecraft:

  • Survival: In this exciting mode, you will be spawned in a world where your main objective will be to stay alive! Scavenge your resources, use them to build amazing mega-structures, hunt for food, strategize to fight or evade angry mobs and stay alive!
  • Creative: This mode will let you unleash the artist in you! You will have unlimited resources at your disposal immediately after spawning. There will be no concept of an “End Goal”, express your inner self by designing and shaping your own world!
  • Adventure: This mode lets you interact with all sorts of objects, such as levers and buttons, and mobs in order to complete your adventure! Feeling the need for a thrilling competition? This mode is made for you!
  • Spectator: Overwhelmed with how great players are already doing in their worlds? No worries! Learn from the best by spectating the best! This mode lets you be a “Ghost”. You will not be able to interact with any resources or material. All you do is visit other people’s worlds and watch them do their thing!
  • Hardcore: If you are one to take gaming very seriously, then this mode will most certainly serve you best! Hardcore mode is the same as survival mode, except that when you die you cannot respawn! That means the world that you artistically create is deleted as soon as you die!

If any of these modes clicked with you, do not wait to try them out! Go now and download Minecraft on your computer / smartphone / tablet / Pi / Xbox / Nintendo / Wii / PlayStation.

Are these modes free for all?

Yes! Unlike many games these days, you will not have to spend money to unlock these mods. So that is a huge relief! All you need is to get the game and after installation, you can enjoy all these mods without further spending even a single penny! So, what are you waiting for now? Go and immerse yourself in the amazing world of Minecraft! download Minecraft on your computer / smartphone / tablet / Pi / Xbox / Nintendo / Wii / PlayStation.


First day:

The first day in your newly rendered Minecraft world is an experience in itself! When you spawn in a new world for the first time your main objective is to gather enough resources to create your very first shelter. You hunt for food to eat and punch rocks and trees to gather resources to make tools and shelter. This shelter is crucial for survival as it will keep you safe from angry mobs that usually come at night. Once the night passes, now you start exploring the world and its mechanics. Feeling intrigued? Do not hesitate anymore! Go and download Minecraft on your computer / smartphone / tablet / Pi / Xbox / Nintendo / Wii / PlayStation.

Is Minecraft safe for Kids:

Totally! Not only is Minecraft safe for children to play, but it also has amazing benefits! Minecraft revolves around exploring landscapes and creatively building your own world. Therefore, it helps children enhance their creative skills. Also, it instills in them the characteristics of problem solving, planning, and organizing.

Minecraft has gained so much popularity due to its easy mechanics and wonderful concept that teachers have started to use it as a tool to help pupils in learning! Kids with ADHD and autism have particularly benefited from learning through Minecraft.

So do not wait anymore and experience the brilliance of Minecraft firsthand! Download Minecraft now on your computer / smartphone / tablet / Pi / Xbox / Nintendo / Wii / PlayStation.


Minecraft allows amazing customizations. It allows players to code their own tailor-made game mods and enjoy these mods with their friends! This is part of the reason why you will never get enough of Minecraft. There is always something new to enjoy!

This custom, fan made, gaming mods can be accessed by downloading available community created resource packs. These resource packs can alter the gaming mechanics, surrounding textures and even add background songs to the game. Furthermore, adventures and puzzles can be customized by players as well! Allowing the fun to continue forever.

Be part of the community now and enjoy all these amazing mods yourself! Download Minecraft now on your computer / smartphone / tablet / Pi / Xbox / Nintendo / Wii / PlayStation.


Is internet required?
Np, the game can be enjoyed offline. Internet connectivity is only required when accessing Multiplayer game.

Is voice chat available on Minecraft?
Yes, the game supports voice chat option allowing easy communication with friends.

Does Minecraft allow cross platform?
Yes, players from all gaming setups can enjoy playing with each other.

Are there any age restrictions in Fortnite?
According to PEGI the game is rated 12+.

Download Minecraft for iOS, Android, PC