GTA Vice City

Do you love playing action-packed shooting games with high-performance racing cars? Well, in that case, you surely may have heard about Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Rockstar developed that game in 2002 on PlayStation, and this game won the hearts of millions of gamers after the 1st release. This game has also been one of the most downloaded and played video games.

GTA vice city can be played on all major gaming platforms like iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Due to its unique premise, amazing graphics, 80′ music, and streaming technology, GTA has been one of the most interesting and exciting video games.

There are more than 85 challenging missions that also involve several encounters with different gang members and godfathers. The game’s main character can have the latest weapons and armory for encounters with police, politicians, gang members, and crime lords. GTA Vice City apk mode is also available for the users who want to play this game on their smartphones.



This game is based on extreme violence. You can kill anybody on the road, including police, and you can freely roam around Liberty city. The whole City can be opened by following the main story of the game. You may get distracted from the main story by spending hours just wandering on the roads in your high-speed racing cars.

Tommy Vercetti is new in this town. He comes to his boss for a job, and his boss welcomes him into the world of crime where there is no exit. After completing the first job, Tommy has earned some money, and now he wants more. His boss assigns him the new tasks of getting into a war with different gang members. Tommy can use the earned money for purchasing the weapons and armory from armor shops.

The latest armory includes rifles, grenades, snipers, shotgun, pistols, and flares. The bulletproof vests are available at the armory shop that will increase the health. The gang members and godfathers are after Tommy, and they want to kill him. They send their army to kill Tommy, and now Tommy will have to save him by getting into a war with them. He is all alone, as he has no companion.

As he completes a mission, he receives a phone call, and the new task is assigned. Tommy cannot say no to his bosses, so the only way to complete a job is not to get killed or lose the asset. Tommy can purchase the mansions, buildings and high-speed racing cars with the earned money. These mansions and purchased buildings will also help you to save the game. There are several slots available for saving a game that can be accessed anytime by clicking on it.


Grand Theft Auto Vice City is famous because of its premise and unique features. The game was released 18 years ago, but it is still one of the widely played games worldwide just because of the features.

Exciting missions

GTA Vice city has up to 87 exciting missions that involve extreme violence and several encounters. You will have to steal the high racing cars of godfathers, monitor the drug deals between different gangs, plant the bombs in a building, join the gangs to be an active member, assist a prisoner to escape from the police station, fly a chopper over the City and drive the high-speed boats.

These missions involve extreme action, adventure, excitement, and thrill. You will need good shooting skills to complete several missions. There are some missions in which you will have to shoot at the enemy’s car during a car chase. As soon as you start shooting your enemy, police start chasing your car. The blood in your veins starts pumping when you are chasing a godfather in your high-speed racing cars and police and FBI are right behind you.

Better controls

The controls of a game can have a significant effect on the gameplay. It will improve your gaming experience, and you will be fully involved in that game. GTA Vice City has one of the best controls in which you will feel like driving a real car.

You will need the advanced level skills to complete several missions like flying a chopper over the City and controlling a remotely operated mini-helicopter to plant the bombs in a building. Driving sports, bikes, and cars is an easy task. Kids and newbies can control these vehicles, and they can even win a race to earn some money.

Bigger City with better gaming experience

The other feature of GTA vice city is its huge map. The city map appears on the top right corner on a small screen, and you can access it anytime to reach your destination. The missions in GTA will be assigned at specific locations, and you will have to reach another location for completing the job.

You can get into any car and have a complete round of the City to know more about it. Liberty city has its seaport, beach, airport, amusement park, highways, night clubs, and departmental stores.


Amazing Graphics

The better visual effects and graphics are significantly important, and they can also affect your gaming experience. GTA Vice City has amazing graphics, and you will be fully involved in the game. The texture of everything looks real and natural.


Is apk mode of GTA available?
Yes, this mode is available for free.

GTA is available on which platforms?
This game is available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Android, and iOS.

Is there any age restriction for GTA vice city?
It is not a suitable game for kids due to abusive language, violence, blood, bold content, drugs, and wine.

Is GTA Vice city free?
Yes, this game can be downloaded for free.


Grand Theft Auto Vice City will be the best game for you if you love sniping and shooting games that involve criminal mafia gangs and high-speed racing cars. This is one of the most liked and played video games with millions of active players per month. This game contains abusive language, extreme violence, and bold content due to which it is restricted for kids.