Download Fortnite for the most entertaining battle royale experience you will ever have.

Fortnite is a 2017 Epic games’ masterpiece. The game has crossed over 150 million users only within 3 years. It used to be known as a console game, but now mobile and PC gamers have started playing it as well.


It comes with very simple gameplay. It has different modes. You can play all the modes at any time you want. You can also change the setting of the game according to your needs. For example, you can increase or decrease the speed of the game, player’s movement, aiming, and shooting. You can also increase or decrease the game quality according to your system or internet connection.


Fortnite has 4 different modes. One mode is completely different than the other one in terms of maps, several opponents, and storylines. Only the gameplay is similar. These modes are created like that so that if a player gets bored from one mode, he can jump on to the other one and still be entertained.

Let’s discuss these modes in detail;

  • Battle Royale

The most exciting and famous mode of Fortnite is battle royale. It is the most interesting and action-packed mode where players tend to kill and survive to win the game.

First of all, you can either choose as a solo or in squad gameplay. In solo, you can choose to play against solo players or squads as well. There are two kinds of squads; Duo or Quad squad. Furthermore, you can either play with your friends or any random players around the world.


Once you are into the game, select the battle royale game, and click play. You will be taken into a queue and after a short period, you will go ahead and join the circle. When you do load into the game, you will be placed in a staging area. This area is free to do anything. You can jump off tires, load weapons, or fight with anyone. This staging area doesn’t affect your actual game.

When the match starts, you will begin your journey on a big flying bus. You can see your map by clicking on it or if you’re playing on PC, you can press M to see where you might want to land. After traveling for a little bit, you will see an icon appearing on your screen, stating jump. Press that button to jump wherever you like.

When you are landing, keep an eye on other players landing in the same area. The first few minutes are the most dangerous one, because you can easily get killed if your opponent finds a weapon before you do, so quickly move into the buildings to find as many weapons as possible.

While finding the opponents, make sure you’re crouching. This will not enable your opponents to hear you and you can easily take them off guard. You will find many kinds of cheese hidden inside the buildings or rooftops. Destroy them with your ax to get unlimited supplies.

When you are shooting at your opponents, make sure you are still for a better aim. Crouching also helps in aiming right. There are different guns for long-range or short range. For long-range, you can choose a sniper, and for short-range, SMGs are preferred.

When you get hurt use the medical supplies to heal yourself. When you kill someone, you can take all of their supplies. So kill as many players as possible and survive till the end to be crowned as a winner.

Creative Mode

Creative mode is for creative minds. If you like to create things, then this mode is for you. In this mode, you will get your island and you will be able to create content on that island.


There are different types of islands, from basic to expert level. When you enter the creative mode, walk to the blocks and it will ask you what kind of island you would like to create. Choose anyone that you like.

After entering the island, you can then create towers, houses, buildings, or playlands of your choice. The gameplay is not as difficult as it sounds. You are given all the basic instructions, on the left side of the screen.

You can invite friends to your server and also join theirs to create islands together. You can then do all sorts of stuff on your island. The server only remains for 4 hours.

Save the World Mode

This is a story mode, where an apocalypse took place and killed 98% of the population. You along with your teammates are only left and have to survive at all costs. Zombies are everywhere, and they will try to kill you. You have to kill them and take as many supplies as possible to survive.

The survival in this mode depends upon your character’s mobility, damage ability, and life duration. All these things come with upgraded characters and it will only happen as the game progresses.

Party Mode

As the name indicates, party mode is a fun and relaxing mode of Fortnite. You can enter this mode with your friends or random people and attend concerts, watch movies, listen to songs, and much more.


Fortnite as explained is the most entertaining action-packed game made in a long time. From gameplay and video quality to creativity and fun, it has almost everything. So wait no more and download this masterpiece right now.

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