Among Us

Among Us: Everything you need to know about the game

Among Us is becoming an unexpected contribution to the starting lineup of video games that went up to massive success this year. Such a simple multiplayer theme allows friends and family to participate in such gameplay virtually. Consequently, this game became very trendy during the epidemic scenario, when much of the world population was stuck in their residences with nothing but computer gaming to entertain them. Among Us is a multiplayer video game where four to ten participants are lowered onto an alien spacecraft. Each participant is classified as just a “crewmate” or “impostor” by a policy position.

Members of the crew should rush around the ship and continue to accomplish several challenges while aiming to search out, and they do not have to get killed by impostors.

Members will be voted off the board so that each game is really one of the ability to survive: Efficiently vote off the traitors, or accomplish all of the missions to survive.


What is Among Us?

Among Us is really unique from other extremely interactive online games like Fortnite, for example. That’s more of a board game like Monopoly or a roleplaying game like Werewolf, where members have to interpret attitudes to decide whether they’re being manipulated to survive. The broad scale of the party allows one to add local mates to the community.

Millions of social media influencers’ fans were not only following the videos; they were still beginning to play the match. Millions of teens and children around the world have been attracted to Among Us, which has started to act as a standard social forum for teenagers caught in lockdown.

Why is Among Us so famous?

That’s not just the teens that have been interacting through the match. Grownups that could no doubt visit a nightclub or throw a party after a job are now enjoying a connection by Among Us. Several gamers have concluded that they have formed deeper relationships with people they have encountered by practicing Among Us over the last few months.

All across the supremacy of the title, the Twitch streamers appear to drive it all. Twitch followers have seen the gaming Among Us for over 200 million hours on the network already this year. These fans have said that the game was beautifully crafted in a way that made it much more fun and exciting to watch than your typical very next-person shooter game.

Audiences have to watch the influencers letting off their shields and convey what they truly feel. “The game seems to be about the manipulation and the personality of the participants competing. It evokes the feeling of being with your mates. Individuals are now manipulating curiosity about the game for political purposes. MoveOn, a democratic advocacy organization and policy primary group, has been broadcasting Among Us Games on Twitch with groups like Crooked Media and well-known activists to inspire new audiences to start voting.

What gaming platforms can you play it on, and how much does Among Us cost?

This game is available on Android and iOS devices, and you can download it for free from the official app stores. Among Us is also available on PC and can be downloaded for $5 from official websites. The free version of Among Us has ads, and as soon as you start the game on your mobile phones, it will start collecting the personal details and interests.

This may be a bit annoying for you, so there is an ad-free version of the game available for only $2. Just tap on “Remove Ads,” and you will be redirected to a new screen where all the payment method details will be available. If you are the host and you have purchased the ad-free version of the game, it would be ad-free for all the crew members.

There are several micro-transactions in both the mobile and PC versions. You can have new hats, pets, and skins by spending some dollars. Some of these assets are available for free, but your game will not be affected by these purchases.

How to Play Among Us?

You will have to figure out the Imposter. He’s going to interrupt the port, slip thru the pipes, misinform everyone, and illustrate others to prevent from sacrificing his cover. The downside is that no one on the squad can speak in order to take control of the darkness. The multiplayer game requires four to ten players to compete. You may interact with various other participants on the network and others affiliated with a specific surrounding system.


You may need an urgent conference to discuss the person you find to be suspicious. You will then be allowed to vote to release the person who you all believe is an impostor. Be careful not to be punished by the manipulator. Other than discovering the deceiver, you and your team can even control the play by filling the taskbar. They will do this by completing the order to set up a cruise.

You should be the Imposter of your squad to make the whole thing more difficult. Like an impostor, you could say that you are running errands to merge in along with your companions. At a certain stage, you will run and try to sabotage the performance of the team. You can use the ducts to keep moving around the ship quickly. You could use assaults to create chaos and division.

Is there a new version of Among Us?

The developers of Among Us have clearly canceled the next version of the game called “Among Us 2.” Initially, they decided to produce an update, promising to significantly enhance all of the specifications and overall results of the current app, stating that “it requires a huge amount of improvements and the gameplay is very fragile.” however this decision was reversed.

Now, all the stuff they had intended for Among Us 2 would have to go to Among Us 1. This would definitely be the most daunting decision because it involves digging back into the main coding of the product and retooling a few pieces of it. Designers have quite a lot of stuff scheduled, and they’re very proud to introduce new material to you while you keep enjoying the game.

Additional content expected introduces additional databases, colorblind support, mates/account system, and a different level; however, there is no ETA when such updates will begin.


Get prepared to schedule your spacecraft for takeoff as you embark on the mission, together with 4-10 participants who will be joining your group, or link online or through nearby Wi-Fi. But it isn’t that clear ahead. You’re going to always be mindful that there have been Imposters in your team, one or several, and now they want to deter you from completing your targets by murdering everybody!

Voice chat should be used for a fully immersive environment. Among Us is a friendly match for teams of youngsters. In addition, all the members will join the very same database irrespective of the computer they use. Together, you will make a plan to figure out who the alien is attempting to take over your ship.

Download Among Us v2020.10.22